Moya with SwiftyJSON using Moya-SwiftyJSONMapper

I’ve just released Moya-SwiftyJSONMapper which makes it really easy to map MoyaResponse to a struct or model inheriting from the ALSwiftyJSONAble protocol in combination with SwiftyJSON.

Model creation with SwiftyJSON

After you’ve created your model:

import Foundation
import Moya_SwiftyJSONMapper
import SwiftyJSON

final class GetResponse : ALSwiftyJSONAble {

    let url:NSURL?
    let origin:String
    let args:[String: String]?

    required init?(jsonData:JSON){
        self.url = jsonData["url"].URL
        self.origin = jsonData["origin"].stringValue
        self.args = jsonData["args"].object as? [String : String]


You’re ready to go!

Usage with ReactiveCocoa or RxSwift

Either using ReactiveCocoa:

RCStubbedProvider.request(ExampleAPI.GetObject).mapObject(GetResponse).on(failed: { (error) -> () in
}) { (response) -> () in

using RxSwift:

let disposeBag = DisposeBag()

RXStubbedProvider.request(ExampleAPI.GetObject).mapObject(GetResponse).subscribe(onNext: { (response) -> Void in
}, onError: { (error) -> Void in

Or just without any functional programming frameworks:

stubbedProvider.request(ExampleAPI.GetObject) { (result) -> () in
    switch result {
    case let .Success(response):
        do {
            let getResponseObject = try response.mapObject(GetResponse)
        } catch {
    case let .Failure(error):

This makes it really nice to use Moya in combination with SwiftyJSON.


Antoine van der Lee

Dutch iOS developer at Triple. Developed apps like Buienradar, Videoland and Pop the Dots.

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