Swift 2.0 introduced OptionSetType which makes it possible to define a NS_OPTIONS like way of options. NS_OPTIONS types get imported as conforming to the OptionSetType protocol, which presents a set-like interface for options:

struct CoffeeManipulators : OptionSetType {
    let rawValue: Int
    static let Milk     = CoffeeManipulators(rawValue: 1)
    static let Sugar    = CoffeeManipulators(rawValue: 2)
    static let MilkAndSugar = [Milk, Sugar]

Which gives you this way of working, as you can use contains to check wether an option is used or not:

struct Coffee {
    let manipulators:[CoffeeManipulators]

    // You can now simply check if an option is used with contains
    func hasMilk() -> Bool {
        return manipulators.contains(.Milk)

    func hasManipulators() -> Bool {
        return manipulators.count != 0