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Bar Chart creation using Swift Charts

Apple introduced Swift Charts during WWDC '22, allowing you to visualize data into bar charts. Before this framework, we had ...
/ Swift Charts

Statistical significance and its importance with app experiments

Statistical significance tells you whether the result from an experiment is likely attributable to the specific change you did. It's ...
/ General

Identifiable protocol in SwiftUI explained with code examples

The Identifiable protocol in SwiftUI allows you to add a unique object identity. The protocol requires a single ID property ...
/ SwiftUI

Swift Keywords

Do you know how to use each keyword in Swift?
Click on the keyword to learn more and explore code examples.

actor associatedtype async @autoclosure available await break catch class continue defer @discardableResult @dynamicCallable @dynamicMemberLookup enum @escaping fileprivate for @globalActor guard infix isolated lazy @MainActor nonisolated optional postfix @propertyWrapper private protocol required @resultBuilder rethrows sendable some struct subscript throw throws try typealias @unchecked @unknown unowned weak where while

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Learn more about Swift

Optionals in Swift explained: 5 things you should know

Optionals are in the core of Swift and have existed since the first version of Swift. An optional value allows ...
/ Swift

Extensions in Swift: How and when to use them

Extensions in Swift allow you to extend an existing class, struct, enumeration, or protocol with new functionality. Whether it's a ...
/ Swift

Swift Evolution: Reading and learning from proposals

The Swift Programming Language constantly evolves, and most of its changes result from public proposals inside the Swift Evolution repository ...
/ Swift

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Learn SwiftUI

Identifiable protocol in SwiftUI explained with code examples

The Identifiable protocol in SwiftUI allows you to add a unique object identity. The protocol requires a single ID property ...
/ SwiftUI

Key press events detection in SwiftUI

Key press events detection in SwiftUI allows you to respond to a keyboard key like return (enter), shift, command, and ...
/ SwiftUI

How to use @ScaledMetric in SwiftUI for Dynamic Type support

The @ScaledMetric property wrapper in SwiftUI allows you to adopt custom values to dynamic type settings. Your custom values will ...
/ SwiftUI

Build Apps Faster using RocketSim

Recommend by Apple as an “Essential Tool for Developers”, RocketSim helps thousands of engineers to save hours per week. Discover these articles and learn how you can leverage RocketSim to improve your workflow:

App Actions

App Actions Perform Menu

RocketSim Tools

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Combine all the things

@Published risks and usage explained with code examples

@Published is one of the property wrappers in SwiftUI that allows us to trigger a view redraw whenever changes occur ...
/ CombineSwiftUI

RunLoop.main vs DispatchQueue.main: The differences explained

RunLoop.main and DispatchQueue.main are often used as schedulers within Combine. During code reviews, I often encounter inconsistency in using one ...
/ Combine

PassthroughSubject vs. CurrentValueSubject explained

PassthroughSubject and CurrentValueSubject are two types from the Combine framework that conforms to the Subject protocol. Both are very similar ...
/ Combine

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Dive into Core Data

How to observe NSManagedObject changes in Core Data using Combine

Observing changes in Core Data NSManagedObject instances with Combine publishers can be a great solution to keep your user interface ...
/ CombineCore Data

Data validation on insertion, update, and deletion in Core Data

Data validation in apps is important to make sure we save data conforming to the business rules. A name should ...
/ Core Data

Derived Attributes to improve Core Data Fetch Performance

Derived attributes are available since iOS 13 and aim to improve fetch performance in many different scenarios. Although we have ...
/ Core Data

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Be an expert on Xcode

Symbolicate crash logs with Xcode

When you receive an unreadable crash report, you can symbolicate crash logs with the help of Xcode. As a developer, ...
/ Xcode

RocketSim 12.0: Builds Apps Faster

RocketSim is a developer tool that gives your Xcode Simulator extra functionalities to increase day-to-day development productivity. A floating window ...
/ Xcode

Build performance analysis for speeding up Xcode builds

Build performance can be analyzed in Xcode to speed up your builds. This can quickly speed up your workflow and ...
/ OptimizationXcode

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Get better at debugging

Debugging SwiftUI views: what caused that change?

Debugging SwiftUI views is an essential skill when writing dynamic views with several redrawing triggers. Property wrappers like @State and ...
/ DebuggingSwiftUI

OSLog and Unified logging as recommended by Apple

OSLog is a replacement for print, and NSLog and Apple's recommended way of logging. It has different logging levels, like ...
/ DebuggingWorkflow

Network Extension Debugging on macOS

A Network Extension on macOS allows you to create content filters, DNS proxies, and more. They integrate nicely into the ...
/ Debugging

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Improve your workflow

Test-Driven Development (TDD) for bug fixes in Swift

Test-driven development (TDD) is a technique that requires you first to write a failing test before you start implementing a ...
/ Workflow

Third-party libraries acknowledgments using a Settings bundle

Third-party libraries help developers build apps faster but often come with a license. The MIT license is likely the most ...
/ Workflow

App Preview Videos Capturing using the Xcode simulator

App Preview Videos allow you to increase the visibility of your app in the App Store. While it's best to ...
/ Workflow

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Optimize yourself and improve

The power of consistency in side projects

The success of your side projects can be mixed, but consistency brings power to your results. It's often easier to ...
/ Optimization

Swift Newsletters: How to stay up to date as an app developer

Following the Swift Evolution can be time-consuming, but Swift newsletters enable you, as an app developer, to stay current. The ...
/ Optimization

Using campaign links to track impressions, downloads, and sales

Campaign links open your App Store product page and allow you to track the performance of your marketing channels. As ...
/ Optimization