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App Store Optimization using Search Ads

App Store Optimization for your App Store Page

App Store Optimization can help people discover your app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. With some useful ...
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Enabling newly added opt-in features in Xcode 10

During WWDC 2018 Apple announced Xcode 10 with a lot of new features. Many of them are available for you ...
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Printing data requests using a custom URLProtocol

Almost all apps contain some kind of data requests. Printing data requests could sometimes be handy for debugging purposes. This ...
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Progress children management

Controlling Progress children by adding remove

Controlling Progress children by default makes it only easy to add children to a Progress instance, but removing is not ...
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UI Test the Share Extension

Share Extension UI Tests written in Swift

UI Tests are a great tool to validate your application. It is easy to create them for your main application, ...
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Firebase Crashlytics

Fixing crashes with Firebase Crashlytics

Using Firebase Crashlytics can help you to solve your crashes faster. In this example we're going to dive into a ...
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Capture App Preview video from the iOS Simulator

Capture iOS simulator video for App Preview

Creating an app preview video can be really easy using the simulator in just a few steps. Capturing an iOS ...
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A crashlog to symbolicate

Symbolicate crashlogs with Xcode 9 and Bitcode

You can symbolicate a crash log with Xcode 9 fairly easy. Even with bitcode, which give you multiple DSYM files ...
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Updating to Swift 4.1

Swift 4.1 is released on the 29th of March and will be shipped with Xcode 9.3. Although it's a minor ...
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Swift 3 conversion and refactoring your project

A few weeks ago Apple announced the deprecation of Swift 2.3 starting with the release of Xcode 8.2. Reason enough ...
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Buienradar Rich Notification

Rich notifications with images or GIFs with iOS 10

Rich notifications with iOS 10 brings us some nice new features to add to our apps. It's possible to create ...
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Spotify Apple TV 4th gen Application

Spotify Apple TV 4th gen Application

Many, many users are requesting an Spotify Apple TV 4th gen Application. I'm an active Apple TV user and I really ...
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