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Optional protocol methods in Swift

In Swift it’s kind of unsupported to implemented optional protocol methods.

You can, which is ugly, use the @objc syntax:

@objc protocol MyProtocol {
    optional func doSomething();

class MyClass : MyProtocol {
    // no error

Another disadvantage here is that structs are unsupported, as you’re bridging for Objc.

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Using protocol extensions to create optional protocol methods

However, with Swift 2.0 it’s possible to define protocol extension. This allows you to create optional methods for your protocol easily:

protocol MyProtocol {
    func doSomethingNonOptionalMethod()
    func doSomethingOptionalMethod()

extension MyProtocol {
    func doSomethingOptionalMethod(){ 
        // leaving this empty 

As stated in this thread, many people are asking this feature: