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WWDC First timers tips collection top 10

Again, I’m very happy to be one of the few developers to visit WWDC this year. I’m a first timer and expecting a lot from this trip. I’ll probably meet a lot developers, hear to much cool stuff at the sessions and have to much fun on parties resulting in a little time for sleep.

As this could probably be one of the few times for me to visit WWDC, I wanted to make sure I’ll get the most out of it. Therefor, I’ve searched the web for all the blogposts about first timers tips. There’s really to much to do in San Francisco during the week of WWDC, so it’s good to be prepared with a collection of the top 10 first timer tips!

WWDC First timers tips collection top 10

1: Get up early for the keynote

OK, it sounds ridiculous: standing in line for about 4 hours, starting around 4am. I’ve read about this on all blogposts. If you want to make sure to get in the main room (Presidio), be there at least around 7am in the morning. You don’t want to tell your colleagues you’ve visited WWDC and watched the keynote from an overflow room.

2: Don’t lose your badge

If you lose your badge, it’s done. As an alternative you can go to ALt Conf, but hé, that’s not the reason you’re visiting WWDC!

3: Take a good seat at the keynote

If you make it to the main room for the keynote, choose a seat just in front of the screens in the middle of the room. You’ll be able to see the magic on stage, but keep the possibility to watch the screen for any details.

4: Pick up your badge on Sunday

Or do you want to get your badge on Monday, while you could get a good spot for the keynote?

5: Plan your parties

WWDC is visited by a lot developers, which all want to party and meet other developers. These parties are popular and sold out quickly. I’m happy to have some tickets reserved early, but I’ve missed a few good parties because I was simply late.

6: Coffee at Moscone isn’t coffee

They serve what they say is coffee, but be advised to get your coffee around the corner at The Blue Bottle Cafe, 66 Mint St. Be prepared to cue, but it should be worth it. A good alternative is Peet’s at 370 4th St.

7: Make the most of your time

Find yourself in a spot without sessions you expect to be interesting? Just choose one. You’ll be surprised to learn new things you wouldn’t expect.

8: Arrive in town on Saturday

If possible, arrive in town on Saturday. Give yourself some time to acclimatise, have a walk around in San Francisco and get your badge on Sunday.

9: Prepare for the labs

WWDC gives you the possibility to get feedback on your code and UI. Make sure you’re prepared with some sample code and schedule an appointment for UI feedback early!

10: Chargers

You’ll probably use your devices and MacBook a lot during the week. Make sure your adapter is with you and you’re able to charge your phone. Although I would prefer to take notes on paper, you’ll probably use your devices a lot for this.

Further reading

I’ve used a lot blogs as a reference. Pick one yourself for some more detailed information from some experienced visitors of WWDC.


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