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Debugging breakpoints as a replacement for prints

Debugging breakpoints in Xcode allows you to replace prints and reuse debugging statements in future debugging sessions. By simply enabling and disabling needed breakpoints you can also get rid of debug levels as often defined in libraries like CocoaLumberjack. Reuse breakpoints by enabling them when needed Use breakpoints to replace ...

Using the Network Link Conditioner Utility (how-to)

The Network Link Conditioner on iOS and macOS enables you to test your app in networking conditions like your users might have while using your app. It allows you to simulate networking conditions like 3G, Edge or High Latency DNS. Using the Network Link Conditioner on iOS You can find ...

Core Data Debugging in Xcode using launch arguments

Core Data is Appleā€™s object graph management and persistency framework for iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It's around for a long time and therefore a great solution to use for persistent storage of structured data in your application. Core Data Debugging might be a bit hard, although some less-known functionalities ...
Core DataDebugging