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Symbolicate crashlogs with Xcode 9 and Bitcode

You can symbolicate a crash log with Xcode 9 fairly easy. Even with bitcode, which give you multiple DSYM files instead of one. Follow the following steps to symbolicate your crash log.

1: Create a folder

Create a new folder on your desktop which will be used to contain all necessary files.

2: Download the DSYM files

Download the DSYM files from your app and place them in the folder you’ve created in step 1.

3: Download the crash log

Download the crash log and place them the folder you’ve created in step 1. Name it unsymbolicated.crash

4: Open Terminal and symbolicate the crash

Open up the Terminal app and cd into your created folder. After that, execute the following command:

export DEVELOPER_DIR="/Applications/"
cp -i /Applications/ ./
./symbolicatecrash unsymbolicated.crash > symbolicated.crash

5: Open the symbolicated crash log

After the command succeeded you’ll find a new file called symbolicated.crash. Opening up this file should show the symbols based on the given DSYM files.


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