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Statistical significance and its importance with app experiments

Statistical significance tells you whether the result from an experiment is likely attributable to the specific change you did. It's an essential quantification when running app experiments, and it prevents you from concluding too early about a change you've made. I've been running hundreds of experiments throughout my career and ...

SwiftLee 2023: A Year in Review

Time flies when you're having fun, and 2023 has definitely been one of those years. It's been a year full of achievements, international conferences, and many articles & newsletters. It's also been the year of Apple Vision Pro, Xcode 15, and Swift 5.9. If you follow my newsletter, you'll know ...

SwiftLee 2022: A Year in Review

Another year passed by, and we're close to getting into 2023. It's been a year with a single Swift 5.7 release, Xcode 14, new SwiftLee products, and many articles. I always enjoy looking back on the year and realizing what I've achieved, hopefully inspiring others for the year to come ...

Swift in 2021: A Year in Review

One of the best years for Swift is close to reaching its end. Time flies when you're having fun, and I can tell you that we've had enough reason to enjoy developing with Swift this year. Big releases like Xcode Cloud and the new Swift Concurrency changes have set the ...

SwiftLee 2018 in review: Top Swift Development blog posts

With 2019 coming closer it's time to review SwiftLee in 2018 and list the top swift development blog posts of this year. The best thing about this all is that I can say that I've reached thousands of fellow Swift developers and possibly inspired or taught them with something they ...