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Issue 151
Jan 24, 2023

Challenge the Status Quo.

I've been reflecting quite a bit over the past weeks to be better prepared in planning my plans for this year. It's easy to get lost in tunnel visions, losing track of opportunities around you.

Some say one is luckier than others, which in many ways is true. However, there's also something called 'creating your luck.' Creating opportunities opens doors to new challenges and growth.

Challenging the status quo, and removing tunnel visions you or your company might have, could result in significant rewards. Don't be afraid to challenge the ones above you; they'll be excited to get challenged since you'll keep them sharp and out of their tunnel vision.

Whether it's dropping iOS 13 to become more productive as a team, starting price experiments to create more revenue, or refactoring for build improvements: you name it. If it leads to better company or team results, it's worth bringing it up.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


At WeTransfer, we have a few Push Notification JSON payloads to support. While implementing features like Rich Notifications, you want to be able to iterate quickly. In this week's article, I will tell you all about our workflow and how we share our payloads through Git.


Learn about the 3-step process to transition your iOS development to Apple M1 silicon Macs — with insights from Reddit’s successful M1 transition, FAQs, and helpful M1 transition tips.



I haven’t given this tip by Junda a spin myself, but I can imagine its impact on your test suite. You could potentially gain speed improvements by no longer having to launch your app for unit tests.

I’ve recently been using this pattern in my apps and enjoyed its simplicity and reusability for both previews and tests. Mohammad Azam explains how it works.

Did you ever consider how your apps handle iCloud backups? I have to be honest that I did not think about it enough. This article by Marco Eidinger ‍ will help me remember next time!

If you’re a fan of VSCode, you want to check out this 1.0 release of the Swift extension.


I love the quality of apps Alex Grebenyuk delivers and like it, even more, when he shares his learnings. This time, he explains how he adopted the searchable modifier in SwiftUI to build filters and scopes.


For my French friends, here’s a fantastic in-depth review of the latest RocketSim release. For those that don’t understand French: It’s still interesting to see Edouard Marquez demonstrate all features!


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