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Issue 144
Dec 06, 2022

Stack Overflow isn't always great.

This week, I realized that it's not always great to have Stack Overflow (SO) as a solution. While looking for a way to constraint input for a SwiftUI TextField, I found this thread suggesting custom bindings, onReceive handlers, and more.

Many would probably copy the solution from the highest-voted answer and continue their journey. However, I was unsatisfied and decided to look further.

Don't get me wrong: SO helps me and many others daily. However, answers can be outdated or just not the best way to solve things. Keep that in mind next time and go the extra mile to find a more satisfying solution. This week's article results from my extended journey after not feeling completely satisfied.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Whenever I search for a solution, I'm often surprised by the quality of the code solutions. Whenever I'm not satisfied, I decide to continue my journey, as it usually turns out there's much more possible than Stack Overflow suggests. In this case, I decided to explore custom FormatStyle implementations and managed to improve readability and reusability.


With a few lines of code, RevenueCat gives you everything you need to build, analyze, and grow in-app purchases and subscriptions without managing servers or writing backend code. Get started for free.



I’ve wondered before how apps would test moving locations in maps. Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy gives me insight into one of the solutions you can use to simulate a moving location in XCTest.

Frenchkit released their recordings, including my talk regarding existential any, opaque types, and generics. I’ve been giving this talk at several conferences, but if you didn’t watch it yet: it’s a great introduction to the Swift 5.7 changes.


I didn’t know about this great tip from Arnaud Joubay. If you’re using the AppStorage property wrapper but you’re also using a non-standard user default storage, you’re going to benefit from this API.

Don’t worry: I will not write this newsletter or my articles using ChatGPT. However, Moritz Philip Recke does show the value AI can bring to us. It’s insane to see complete SwiftUI apps generated by AI in seconds.


Pol Piella shares his story of creating a Swift Command Line application to fetch statistics about GitHub Action metrics. While learning to build such a package, you’ll also get inspired on metrics to track and how to use the GitHub API to your advantage.


I’m not using Xcode configuration files that often anymore. However, if you’re managing multiple targets or want a better overview of customized settings, this technique described by Danijela Vrzan can become handy.


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