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Issue 186
Sep 26, 2023

Ship fast, learn fast.

It's a technique I have to apply often since I only have one day a week to focus on my side projects. Last Wednesday, I decided to record individual instruction videos for each RocketSim feature.

I recorded the videos in such a way that I could stitch them together as a full onboarding video. In other words, I've created both individual videos and a full demonstration video of what RocketSim has to offer.

The video is far from perfect (mostly audio levels that are off), but it did allow me to ship a new version of RocketSim that shows the YouTube video during the onboarding. The idea is to learn fast and measure the impact of both install-to-trial conversion & trial-to-pay conversion. I'll follow up with those results in next week's SwiftLee Weekly.

Before we close this intro, I'd like to announce the winner of the SwiftLeeds Giveaway: L. Smith! We'll contact you soon for more details.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


I'll be honest: this was a complex topic for me to wrap my head around. However, now that I've been able to play around with variadic generics, I have started to see the value it delivers. I believe it's essential to understand this feature's impact, even if you don't end up writing solutions using parameter packs yourself.


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I’ve not seen many App Clips in the wild, even though I quite believe in the concept. I’ve built one for Stock Analyzer and it’s pretty cool what you can do. If you’re new to App Clips, go check out this article by Pol Piella.

I’ve worked with ShareLink a few times, and I remember that it didn’t always work as expected. Thomas Durand experienced the same and shared his learnings.

It’s not often that I link to draft PRs from Apple’s Swift repository, but this one is making me super excited: typed throw specifiers!


While many of us focus on SwiftUI, you’re still likely writing or managing UIKit code daily. Keith Harrison highlights a new view controller lifecycle callback that arrived in iOS 17


A new open-sourced project by Bartosz Polaczyk appeared this week, allowing you to inspect Xcode’s build system graph. While the project is still experimental, it might be interesting to follow future development as it could help you optimize build times.


I’ve had several engineering managers over the years, and those with a high Emotional Intelligence (EI) were better at making me feel good after 1-on-1s than those who solely focused on work achievements. If you’re focused on managing engineers, you’ll enjoy this article by Phil Yates.


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