Issue 116
May 24, 2022

The value of in-person conversations.

For the past three years, I've been primarily working from home. While we still had a lot of online meetings at WeTransfer, I realized last week how valuable it is to meet in person.

During the WeTransfer offsite, we had the chance to meet many of our colleagues in person for the first time. Personalities, jokes, parties, and having fun summarize the outcome of a few intensive days. Yes, I was not used to those get-together days, ha!

I've had a few in-depth conversations with some of my colleagues. They told me they're married (I did not know, oops), but they also gave me insights into who they are and what they want.

An online meeting often focuses on a topic (think retrospective, standup, planning). Casual conversations you would have at the coffee machine are much harder to achieve when working remotely.

Together with the team, we decided to create a get-together day more often. If possible, we would see each other in person every month, so we get to know each other more casually.

You might have a different experience, but I wouldn't be surprised if I inspire you through this intro to get back into meeting friends and colleagues in person.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


This week's article takes you through the built-in support for Markdown in SwiftUI. Combining text styles like bold, italic, and strikethrough has become much easier by the underlying attributed strings that are used for markdown support.


Stream's Chat SDK helps you build beautiful chat applications with as little code as possible. With our SDKs, you can bring high-quality chat experiences to all of your end users. SDKs available for UIKit and SwiftUI.


RocketSim 8 is live and enhances the iOS Simulator with Rulers, Grids, and Derived Data deletion.

You have the chance to win one of the three RocketSim PRO year licenses by retweeting this tweet.


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Styling and SwiftUI are still an exciting topic since I believe there’s no set direction yet. I was happy to read this article by Josh Adams, who analyzed several open-sourced projects to compare SwiftUI code formatting.
We’ve seen his book regarding iOS, but what defines a best-in-class macOS app? Jordan Morgan shares his thoughts on it with examples, references to resources like the macOS Human Interface Guidelines, and more.
Majid Jabrayilov tells you all about TimelineViews in SwiftUI. If you wondered: it’s a built-in available SwiftUI view for redrawing based on a predefined schedule instead of external triggers.
This article by Nil Coalescing is an excellent follow-up to my weekly article. It goes deeper into AttributedStrings, the underlying mechanism of what drives Markdown support in SwiftUI.


It’s been a while since I created a custom file template myself, but I still see its added value. Certain types of files come with the same template time after time, for which Artur Gruchała’s instructions might help you increase your productivity.


My buddy Jordi Bruin hosts the SwiftUI Series this week, and it was a pleasure to look at the speed run results. RocketSim is heavily used throughout the presentation, helping the jury compare projects to the requested design. It’s cool to check out all applications and see how everyone has their approach to implementing the same design.
Ever since Bas Broek joined our team at WeTransfer, our accessibility support has improved a lot! Curious how? Watch this talk from Bas and learn along the way!


I always enjoy listening to John Sundell’s podcast, but even more when there’s a Dutch guest! This time, it’s Chris Eidhof joining John to talk about the evolution of SwiftUI.