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Issue 148
Jan 03, 2023

Becoming a more successful engineer.

This week's article focuses on making the most out of your work by defining engineering goals. Traditionally, January means looking forward to the coming months and setting goals that stretch ourselves for higher milestones.

I'm currently using a new app built by Hidde van der Ploeg (TestFlight invite here) that allows me to define my goals and keep track of progress from my iPhone. Being able to check in with my goals regularly creates focus and motivates me to go that extra mile.

Many friends and colleagues don't set goals for themselves, which always surprises me. In my opinion, goals are the best way to celebrate and track progress. They don't require you to work harder or do more: they are a tool to keep track of your achievements.

Look back at 2022 and ask yourself: what did you achieve? Can you celebrate all the milestones, or do you find it hard to revisit your achievements? The latter should be a great motivator to do better this year.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


A new year means defining measurable, time-bound goals to stretch yourself into becoming a more successful engineer in 2023. I help you define your goals by sharing my tips from over 10+ years of defining goals.


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I love articles that cover Swift solutions combining several features to create a creative solution. Sid recreates binding and state using @dynamicMemberLookup and Combine.

Majid Jabrayilov shares trends he has seen while developing and writing articles about Swift. Be aware: this article will lead you to many more pieces, so there is much to read!

The great thing about using the new concurrency APIs is that we no longer have to think about the number of threads we spawn. However, sometimes you still want to debug scenarios in which threads are limited, for which Alejandro Martinez wrote this great article.

Peter Yaacoub demonstrates a new change coming up in Swift 5.8. Another opportunity for us to remove self in our code!


I enjoyed this article by Filip Nemecek highlighting a shape I didn’t know yet: ContainerRelativeShape. It allows you to align the corner radius of child views with their parent, making your views look more beautiful.


If you’re planning on applying for a new job in 2023, this article by Natascha Fadeeva will come in handy.


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