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Issue 150
Jan 17, 2023

A powerful way to grow.

Last week, I spent time in Singapore at an outstanding iOS Conf SG. It was well organized and had great attendees, a special afterparty, and many exciting talks.

After my talk, I've been asking for feedback from attendees and other speakers. Some of the speakers asked me for feedback in return. It's exciting how much you can learn from asking for feedback directly.

You can be honest if one asks for feedback. Please don't give them the answer you think they want to hear, but share your opinion. Your direct input will help them grow, and it doesn't mean they failed.

This month, I've been asking six colleagues at WeTransfer for feedback on my 2022 performance. Even though I might think I did great, getting honest input from several perspectives is better. Creating space for growth starts with yourself.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Combining tasks in a group allows you to run multiple requests in parallel and await their result. A typical example would be downloading multiple images in parallel and returning the collection of images in the end. In this article, I tell you all about throwing groups, handling cancellations, and combining tasks together.


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It’s essential as app developers to be aware of debouncing when implementing features like search. You only want to start executing a search API request once the user stops typing to prevent responses from not even being used. Thibault Wittemberg explains this concept and shows in-depth code examples of how you can implement debouncing exploiting Swift concurrency.

Storing files in the documents directory is something I’ve done a few times, but I never thought about making that directory accessible through the Files app or via Spotlight. Marco Eidinger ‍ explains how this works.


You might have experienced using a view modifier followed by a text modifier, resulting in a compiler error. Text modifiers return a Text type and allow you to continue adjusting the Text view accordingly. Nil Coalescing shines more light on the concept of Text Modifiers.

Keith Harrison reminded me that there is an option to show a menu for the navigation bar title. I don’t know many apps using it, but I can imagine it can be useful.

If you’re looking for a good starting point to get your hands dirty with Swift Charts, you’ll enjoy this article by Majid Jabrayilov. It builds up nicely, shows several basic charts, and might be an excellent segue for you to explore other Swift Charts examples.


After hanging out with Adam, the creator of Motion, I’ve been focusing more on animations this weekend. This article by Jordan Morgan is an excellent follow-up of that journey, showing examples of little animations that can make a difference.


I’ve had an amazing chat with Leo G Dion covering all kinds of topics, including RocketSim background stories, WWDC wishes, Combine vs. Async/await, and more.

Subscriptions, User Acquisition, Increasing App Engagement, App Store Optimization, and App Growth. I’m afraid I’m losing quite some hours on this collection of great videos. Where to start?!


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