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Issue 157
Mar 07, 2023

There's a reason I'm currently not active on Mastodon.

Focus is one of the key reasons I'm making significant progress in my limited available time as a dad, full-time employee, and side-projects addict. I rather spent time on a single platform and do that well instead of splitting time with low quality on both.

I could start cross-posting tweets on Mastodon, but I would have to invest time to reply and contribute to replies. On top of that, I've got all kinds of automation running to post tweets based on events that wouldn't work out of the box on Mastodon.

I'm sure I'm disappointing some of you, but I must pick my battles. With a 352.5% growth in Twitter profile visits over the past 28 days, I also don't have a reason to switch focus. Never say never, but until I have more time, I'll trust the strategy of focus that constantly pays off.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Some parts of Swift are so common sense that I almost forget to write about them for those just starting. Implementing Equatable conformance is one of those techniques. The compiler automatically synthesizes conformance, but there are advanced techniques for more flexibility.


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This month's giveaway allows you to win one of the three ImpressKit Yearly licenses. ImpressKit is the best way to create Press Kit for you app.



Apple released Peer Group benchmarks, allowing you to compare your app to similar apps in the same category. Knowing where to focus is essential; these benchmarks can be a great guide.


Lee Kah Seng explains how you can create configurable widgets: allowing users to manage what’s displayed inside a widget.

I remember waiting for Tables’ support when developing RocketSim back in the day. It’s great to see Keith Harrison explaining how you can use them on macOS.


If you miss the old Command + Click Xcode behavior to jump to a definition, you’ll enjoy this article by Sarun W..


“It is essential not to let the feeling of being unsure about the best approach mean that you don’t take any approach at all.”


I agree with David Smith: you can write similar apps like businesses as an Indie, but managing support requests can be time-consuming. David shares a few tips that helped him reduce the number of requests.


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