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Issue 194
Nov 21, 2023

The power of 1% improvement per day.

This week, I stumbled on this post, which shows a summary of the ‘Atomic Habits’ book from James Clear. The four visuals resonate a lot with how I like to work.

I described how I try to make my side projects successful in this article. A significant piece of my success roots from seeking 1% daily improvement. Albert Einstein famously referred to compounding interest as the eighth wonder of the world, and here’s why: 

Say you start with €1000 MRR on day one and grow 1% per day:
  • Day 1: 1000
  • Day 2: 1010
  • Day 3: 1020,1
You might first expect to grow €10 per day, but you’ll find out day 100 doesn’t result in €2000. Instead, it will be €2705!

The same applies to your personal growth and knowledge. If you try to read or make little progress on one of your side projects daily, you’ll gain much bigger results over a more extended period.

The most significant proof of this for me is reaching the 4000K Monthly Recurring Revenue today.

Keep it up, and enjoy this week’s SwiftLee Weekly!


Writing async/await logic also means (re)writing your tests differently. Several techniques make it simple to validate asynchronous code, especially if you know a few tips and tricks. Lately, I've been using an open-source framework that allows me to pause a task while checking a specific state. It's a fantastic solution for solving flaky concurrency tests.


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I really hope you don’t need this article by Pol Piella. Promise me to remember: start any new app with an App Group and use it to prepare your app for the future.

While I don’t think many of us would ever need this, it’s interesting how custom executors work with actors in Swift.

I’ve written several heavyweight migrations in Core Data that haven’t always been a lot of fun to work out. I was curious to learn how migrations work in SwiftData and was happy to run into this article by Natascha Fadeeva.


New in iOS 17 is the ability to configure a preferred compact column inside a Split View. Keith Harrison explains how it works.

This week, I was highly impressed by this new open-source framework from Paul Hudson. It doesn’t only make it easier to work with Metal Shaders in SwiftUI, Paul also delivers a walk-through video highlighting some of the effects.

David Yang shares a technique I learned about not long ago, and it was pretty game-changing in how I define my SwiftUI views.


Assistive Access is a new accessibility mode introduced by Apple in iOS 17. Like with all accessibility features, it’s best practice to test your app using these modes and make a plan to improve your app’s support. Jordan Morgan shares his learnings.


Shaun shares advice to candidates and employers for hiring software engineers in 2023. You might find this helpful if you want a (new) job.


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