Issue 50
Mar 05, 2021

iOS 15: If you had a chance to meet the one user today, what would you ask?

It was interesting to find these statistics today, but it was mostly a realization that we're only about 4 months away from WWDC 2021.

Time is relevant for the decisions we make today. If you're starting an app today, would you support iOS 13? Or will you support iOS 14 because the release date is so close to the release of iOS 15 that you can release with the well-known "supporting latest OS-1."

If you find yourself in the middle of such a decision, I recommend reading Picking your minimum iOS version to support.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Variadic Parameters in Swift have been improved in Swift 5.4 as methods can now define multiple Variadic Parameters. It's time to dive into this functionality and understand both its possibilities and limitations.


Although you can create an app simply by throwing some code together, without best practices and a robust architecture, you’ll soon end up with unmanageable spaghetti code. Learn how to create solid and maintainable apps with fewer bugs using this free guide.


If there’s one thing I find fascinating in SwiftUI, it must be unexpected elements conforming to the View protocol. Colors, for example, are Views too! Matěj Kašpar Jirásek comes with another example in which you use an enum as your View definition, which I really liked.



Static or Dynamic? Do you know the difference between those two library types? Tibor Bödecs explains the differences and shares how you can compile those frameworks directly using the Swift compiler. An interesting read!
It’s a really nasty side-effect of unit tests triggering async code. It has been a source of many flaky tests in our project, and I wished I knew this 4 years ago. Paulio87 shares with us how you can prevent running into flaky tests by using expectations.
Stories that share experiences can be valuable to prevent yourself from running into mistakes another one did before. Alex Grebenyuk writes such a report of his experience working with XCFrameworks.
I found this post by Dan Loman extremely relevant as I was right in the middle of writing a gatekeeper for OAuth token refreshing. It’s an interesting problem to solve, and Dan shares his solution with us.


Paul Hudson gives us a whole list of Xcode tips from which I bet there are a few you didn’t know yet.
I have to be honest: Bazel always triggers my interest, but I’ve never had reason to look into it. Brentley Jones shares a background story of Bazel and shares his story of optimizing his Bazel implementation.


No, there isn’t a new update to SF Symbols. However, we did get a page with release notes which tells us what actually changed over the past updates. Super valuable! If you didn’t look into SF Symbols yet, you might want to read SF Symbols: The benefits and how to use them guide.