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Issue 67
Jun 15, 2021

Swift Concurrency is everywhere, but what if you need to pick a favorite announcement other than async/await?

I love the new concurrency changes, and they're going to have a big impact on the future of Swift. However, during and after WWDC, I'm keen to find announcements that got less attraction. Like this one or this detailed explanation.

You can definitely expect articles related to async/await, actors, and more. This week, I focused on a smaller feature of Swift 5.5, which made me very happy!

Speaking of happiness, the first in-person conference is coming closer! This week, SwiftLeeds announced me as a speaker, and I can't be more excited to get back on stage, give talks, and meet you. Tickets are still available!

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Static Member Lookup in Generic Contexts allows simplifying code while improving the readability and discoverability of your code. It's one of those features that slipped through during WWDC 2021, while it can be a really nice addition to your existing code.


Guilherme Rambo On Twitter showed how we developers could benefit from the new live text recognition feature released during WWDC 2021. Copying code from slides will be much easier!


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One of the most welcome changes in SwiftUI this year is list bindings. Peter Friese 🥑 takes us through this new addition to SwiftUI, which you can actually back-deploy to any release of iOS that supports SwiftUI.
I watched quite a few sessions, but most of them just based on where I thought I would learn something that I could benefit from. One thing I didn’t watch were sessions related to SFSafariViewController. Filip Nemecek showed me that new APIs arrived that we can actually benefit from!
It’s great to see many articles being published around the new concurrency changes that arrived in Swift 5.5. One important aspect of using async/await is handling cancellation correctly. Alejandro Martinez is here to explain.
All WWDC sessions are full of information already, yet there have been details that didn’t make it to the final edits. Becca Royal-Gordon is here to share a bit of those in threads on Twitter.


I’m always impressed by the guest's John Sundell invites to his podcast! This time, Doug Gregor joined to talk about the new structured concurrency features that arrived in Swift 5.5.


One of the things we would always do when visiting WWDC in-person is watching tickets going for sale for The Talk Show. John Gruber invites special guests to talk about new features announced during the conference, which results in great background stories. A must-watch!


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