Issue 76
Aug 17, 2021

Giveaways with SwiftLee!

Yes, that's right: I will do my best to share with you monthly giveaways! It's a great way for apps, books, or conferences that I like to get a little extra promotion. At the same time, it's a great opportunity for you as a follower to get a chance to win goodies!

We start with a giveaway for a conference close to SwiftLee. In fact, it's literally in the name: SwiftLeeds. Taking place on the 7th of October, you'll be able to attend talks from great speakers like Josh Holtz and Donny Wals.

I'll be giving a talk as well, and I would be happy to chat with you while grabbing a coffee.

So, how does this work?
Simple! Just go to this link and join the raffle:

The winner will be announced in next week's SwiftLee Weekly.

Enjoy this week's issue!


The new concurrency changes introduced a lot of visible new features like actors and async-await. Some proposals, however, were implemented as helpers to make these new features possible and come with extra benefits of using them without the context of concurrency. An example of this is throwing properties available for computed variables and custom subscripts that are read-only.


Version 5.0 of RocketSim arrived this week and allows you to create Simulator recordings, convert them into GIF or MP4, and trim them right after. The SwiftUI rewrite results in better performance. Of course, you can still use existing users like dragging videos right into App Store Connect for App Previews or comparing designs in the Simulator.


Stream, a high-growth startup focused on Chat and Feeds, is hiring a Senior iOS SDK Architect to help build the future of their native iOS SDK. Join the team in Boulder, CO, Amsterdam, or remote!



You become a more experienced engineer, you start using more complex solutions, and after a few years, you realize you might want to refactor that same piece of code as it’s way too complex. Rob Kerr explains how this principle works; it’s not always about learning complex architecture solutions!
If your app provides login options, you might want to consider adding Face ID or/and Touch ID options. Robert Pieta explains to you how this works.
A super detailed article about defining custom formatters in iOS 15 using several new protocols, including ParseableFormatStyle and ParseStrategy. The question is when you’re really going to need this, but it’s an interesting implementation to learn from for sure!
If you’re like me, you don’t touch metal that often. Artur Gruchała shows us an example in which it makes sense to reach out for metal and increase performance for image processing operations. His code examples show a before and after, which can be a great way to learn!
Documenting code using markdown allows for many options to better express our story around code. Several fields can be added, which will be parsed by Xcode’s documentation, from which keywords like ‘Returns’ and ‘Throws’ might be known to many of us. Bruno Rocha highlights which keywords can be used, and I have to say, I didn’t know them all! It’s a big list, from which I especially like the idea of referencing bugs through links if they’re still open.
If you’re new to The Accessibility Inspector, it’s time to read this article by Dominik Hauser explaining to you how you can access it and how you can use it to debug your app for accessibility.


SoundCloud is the world’s leading audio platform, allowing everyone to share and discover unique content anywhere, anytime, on mobile and on the web. We are now looking for a technical...
Stream, a high-growth startup focused on Chat and Feeds, is hiring a Senior iOS SDK Architect to help build the future of their native iOS SDK. Join the team in...
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