Issue 79
Sep 07, 2021

What is development time?

Developer productivity is often a point of focus for managers, as well as for individual engineers. Being more efficient means developing faster, reaching goals sooner.

I asked on Twitter to share your best practices, and I was not disappointed to read many good tips. If you're interested in this topic, I recommend reading these three articles.

Related to this, I asked myself what a full day of development means for us engineers. Do we really need to work from 8 till 5? Do we need to be 'productive' for 8 hours a day?

I'm personally definitely not productive 8 hours a day. There are days when I may be even working 6 hours only, but being more productive than a long day of 8 hours.

To me, productivity can be quite different. I often think through code solutions while I fall asleep, walk the dog, or eat breakfast. Do these moments count for the 8 hours?

I feel like everybody has their own way of working. Creating your own routines is important to get in your flow quickly. Reaching set goals is key; the way to do get there can differ.

I'm writing this issue on Sunday evening before heading to Belgium for a week off with my girlfriend, Maaike, and puppy Bernie. Yet, I've planned a lot of content for you this week, so stay tuned and follow my feed.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Custom publishers in Combine can be hard to create yourself, but the two subjects covered in this week's article might be sufficient enough in many cases. There are many similarities between both, but a few important differences you should know.


With a few lines of code, RevenueCat gives you everything you need to build, analyze, and grow in-app purchases and subscriptions without managing servers or writing backend code. Get started for free.



Joining Nikita Ermolenko on the route he took in this article is likely not something many of us will do, but I’m pretty sure almost everyone will learn a bit from his journey. Have you ever used AppleScript in a breakpoint? I did not!
⇧⌘A, such a simple shortcut! Dominik Hauser tells us what you can do with this, especially in building apps with SwiftUI.
Short and to the point, but I fully agree with Ralf Ebert. Trailing closures are great, but the context in which they’re used is important for readability.
AsyncSequence is one of the parts of the new concurrency framework that I didn’t play around with. I yet have to see where I want to use it, but I’m pretty sure that after reading this article by Andy Ibanez, I’ll know where to use it.
Documentation is an important skill to own. Self-documenting code is a great foundation, but sometimes you need a little extra, such as SDKs and public methods. Leonardo Pugliese does a great job teaching you how to do this.
Although I’m unsure how many of you are doing Apple TV development these days, I am sure that you will like this article by David Cordero who tells you about capturing circular gestures from the 2nd generation Sire Remote.


Accessibility and SwiftUI got quite some attention in the latest SwiftUI release and Majid Jabrayilov is here to tell us about the accessibilityRepresentation view modifier.
Daniel Devesa Derksen-Staats is here to teach us how to develop apps with an accessibility mindset. It’s a talk he gave at CocoaHeadsNL, for which you’re going to like these sketch notes too.

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