Issue 81
Sep 21, 2021

New iPhones and a new version of Xcode, nothing special, right?

Like other years, Apple brought us an impressive presentation of a new update to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Xcode 13 became final with an extensive list of changes. Yet, for the first time in a while, we doubt at WeTransfer whether we should directly switch over to the latest version of Xcode.

You might wonder why we wouldn't. Well, it's for a few reasons. First of all, we're close to a big deadline. Using the new iOS 15 SDK might bring new issues to the surface. We've been testing intensively, getting closer to a stable version tested using the iOS 14 SDK.

Secondly, it seems that iOS 15 brings quite some glitches and unexpected behavior. Last week, we already covered an article about stack view changes, and this might not be the only thing that changed.

I'm always progressive, trying to update as soon as possible. However, once you get closer to an important deadline, it might be better to pick your battles and stick to a stable version until you reach the deadline.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Last week, we covered Data Races. However, did you know they are not the same as race conditions? Many on Twitter at least didn't. They can occur simultaneously, while a race condition can also occur without a data race. All this is explained in this week's article.


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Tibor Bödecs is here with a deep dive into integers. The short answer is to use Int as much as possible, but this article brings you much more than that!
A great reminder by Konstantin to tell us how easy it is nowadays to use Markdown in SwiftUI.
We already knew that the Swift Collections Package adds many exciting types, like an OrderedSet. Felipe Laso-Marsetti takes us through a few other examples, from which I especially liked the Deque comparison to Arrays.
A great dive into the share operator available in Combine, allowing you to share the output of an upstream publisher with multiple subscribers. John Sundell takes you through it in the example of a network request performed with Combine.
A great tip by Konstantin to help you find out which SwiftUI view caused the View to redraw.
Another PR popped up this week with back-deployment support for Swift concurrency. It’s a big step forward, but don’t forget it’s yet to be seen whether this will work out.


What is better than discovering a great Indie App? Finding many great Indie Apps! Filip Nemecek got us covered with his newly launched website. RocketSim is already added, don’t forget to add your app too.


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