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Win a iOSKonf '24 conference ticket with thisfree giveaway

Issue 86
Oct 26, 2021

New month, new giveaway!

This month, I'm happy to announce that I'll be giving away a ticket for one of my favorite conferences: NSSpain.

If there is one conference that's popular for its in-person variant, it's NSSpain. Even though I've never been there in person, I often felt FOMO because of the many stories other speakers shared with me.

Last year, I spoke at their online remote edition with my twin brother. The remote experience was great as well since they have a 36 hours continuous program, making the conference reach many of us worldwide. Thirty-six hours also means many talks, which means that it's doubtful you won't find exciting presentations!

In other words, you don't want to miss this conference! So, how about winning a ticket?

Join the giveaway here

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


A topic to my heart: automating common workflows to prevent repetition. I might even be addicted to automation, as I even automated lights in our toilets (I mean, why would you do that manually every day, right?!). Though, I believe it's one of the big reasons I can be as productive as I am today. As you know, I maintain a lot of side-projects like RocketSim, SwiftLee Jobs, and this newsletter while also having a full-time job. Well, the biggest reason I'm able to do so is that I've automated a lot of things. For example, SwiftLee Jobs is fully automated! This week's article will give you insights into how I like to automate my daily routines.


See how Firebase tools like Crashlytics, Remote Config, Performance Monitoring, and App Distribution can help you to track and fix stability issues in your app, and pinpoint performance issues early. Learn more.


Vincent Pradeilles interviewed me on one of my recent articles covering Dependency Injection (DI). We go over all techniques used, including Property Wrappers, Static Subscripts, Generics, Associated Types, and Writeable Keypaths. Yes, that’s quite a lot of techniques combined, but the final implementation turned out well for us at WeTransfer and came close to what you’re used to with Environment Values in SwiftUI.



I love how this article by Five Stars Blog covers a lot of ground regarding EnvironmentValues in SwiftUI. You’ll learn how to define custom ones, as well as make them read-only and transformable.
While we’re at environment values, why not cover even more ground? Magnus Jensen inspires us with a solution in which he is passing actions through environment values. This might be inspirational for writing your own custom solutions using environment values.
I'm pretty sure this article won't be interesting to all of you, but Bruno Rocha does raise a voice for the environment I'm often developing in too. Opening a Swift Package without the options to alter Xcode project settings is often quite frustrating. In regards to Module Stability, we've now at least got some more insights.
It’s not often that I use AnyView anymore since I know the techniques of avoiding them in SwiftUI. If you’re not familiar with these techniques, you’ll enjoy reading this article by Natascha Fadeeva.
You might be good with your current .gitignore file, but you might also be tracking files you shouldn’t! This article by Swift Dev Journal shares the tip to look at GitIgnore and verify accordingly.
Creating extensions using generics is something you might have done before. Still, I did not realize you can make extension methods with where statements—a great deep dive by John Sundell on using generic type constraints in extensions.
Since I'm about to do a lot with localization, I was happy to read this article by Chris "Mildly Spooky" Wu. He shares a lot of his experiences in adding Dutch localization to his museum app. Spoiler: it turned out to be way harder than he thought!


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