Issue 88
Nov 09, 2021

Can you merge a PR when checks fail?

The answer might sound obvious, but it's not! Until lately, we've been merging in quite some PRs at WeTransfer with reasons like:

"The failing test is unrelated to my code changes."

Or another classic:

"Tests succeed locally."

Not caring about these tests too much allowed us to merge fast and move quickly, but it did result in the fact that we would revisit the same failing test not much later. You could even argue that it cost us more time to revisit the same failing test every time and run tests locally again, compared to just spending some extra time on fixing the failing test instead.

After asking this question on Twitter, we changed our settings to require both CI and Danger to be always green, meaning that we can't merge in any PR w/o tests succeeding.

A benefit of this is enabling auto-merge, removing the need to get back to a PR to merge it. Though, I'm now getting back to PRs to see if auto-merge worked correctly, haha!

It's been a busy week for me since I got back up to speed with RocketSim development. I'm working towards version 6.0, for which I've got some great ideas.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Property Wrappers are one of my favorite features in Swift. They make it possible to write reusable code, accessible simply through a single attribute. By making use of wrappers inside function and closure arguments, even more, solutions come to mind. My most exciting solution? The new code example in this article covers static subscript usage!


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When an article starts with the question: “What’s the one accessibility feature, other than VoiceOver, you wish more developers knew about?” you know you’re in for a treat. Keith Harrison is writing this article after attending an Apple Tech Talk in which he got this question answered.
Have you ever used “import SoundAnalysis” in your projects? I did not! The reason is simple: I wasn’t aware this framework existed. I’m glad to see Kamil Tustanowski writing an article about classifying sound using this framework.
What’s better than John Sundell On Twitter publishing a new open-source package? John is publishing another big update to one of his open-source projects! If you use Publish for your blog, you’re going to like this change. CollectionConcurrencyKit looks super interesting too! I have to be honest: I’m not sure if I need it yet. Though, I’m pretty sure once we ramp up on using async/await in our projects, we’ll know soon enough!
Have you used Xcode Instruments for SwiftUI already? If not, there’s already reason enough to start reading this article by Donny Wals, in which he’ll explain to you how you find out when your SwiftUI view redraws.
Natascha Fadeeva is sharing how we can use dynamic colors, which you might know already. However, I did like the color scheme idea shared in this article!


This article by Krzysztof Zabłocki On Twitter reminded me of the many discussions I’ve had with my dad during diner in which he always thought he was right. It turned out: many times; he was not! Though it taught me to not always push through my opinion, be open to other ideas. It’s often a great start to be open to great suggestions in any circumstances.
I always enjoy reading one-year-after-launch stories. This time it's Tanin sharing his story in which it's interesting to read about his results. Important quote:

It's been great to have something to show people whenever they find out I'm an app developer and ask, "so have you ever made your own app"


Hopefully, you weren’t planning any big refactors during the Christmas holidays this year! You can continue your release train, isn’t that great?


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