Issue 90
Nov 23, 2021

New month, new SwiftLee Giveaway! And that's not all: many Black-Friday deals!

What a great time to be alive, isn't it? In the upcoming two weeks, you'll be able to win a free WeTransfer PRO subscription by entering the giveaway here.

WeTransfer Pro doesn't just mean better file-sharing; it means getting the best of WeTransfer, Paste®, and Collect. Products that I've loved ever since I joined WeTransfer 4,5 years ago. It was about time that I started a giveaway to let you enjoy all the great products that my colleagues and I worked on.

And that's not all! Like many of you know, it's a week full of Black Friday deals. I've asked my friends on Twitter to share their Black Friday deals, which you can check out here.

Enjoy this week full of discounts and enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Last week, I already introduced you to non-fatal error handling. I decided that it's important enough to me to write it down in an article and convince you about the importance of tracking non-fatal errors. A crash-free percentage of 99% is excellent but doesn't prove that your app is performing well. Let me explain to you why in this week's article.


Raycast is the Swiss Army knife for your Mac. Create GitHub pull requests, clear derived data, reset SPM, and so much more. Accessible via the keyboard and extendible with an API.


Over the past few weeks, I've been working hard towards the 6.0 version of RocketSim. A prominent new feature allows you to create screenshots and recordings with device bezels enabled, resulting in professional Simulator recordings.

As a SwiftLee Weekly subscriber, I'm inviting you to try out this beta version and help me test it out. In return, you'll get RocketSim PRO for free as long as the beta runs.

Join RocketSim on TestFlight


I’ve had a great chat with the team behind Enginears Podcast in which we discuss launching our latest app in less than 3 months, as well as how we adopting Swift Package Manager and SwiftUI.



You might want to disable a specific view when SwiftUI Preview is active. Rob Kerr explains how this works.
I enjoyed reading this article since I’ve been working with video players quite a few times at my previous job. It’s great to see Marco implementing a video player by combining AVKit and SwiftUI while adding support for Picture in Picture.
An exciting technique demonstrated by Ralf Ebert is that you can turn the states of an async operation into a SwifUI View representation.
A new beta of Xcode arrived last week in which we were excited to see improved build times and more. Five Stars Blog takes us through some of the SwiftUI changes that came as well.
Creating a REST API client was one of the first things when I started writing my first app. It’s always a hot topic and becomes even more interesting when Alex Grebenyuk writes about it combined with techniques like async/await. He’s covered more than just the API Client since he also describes mocking, logging, debugging proxies, and more.
An exciting technique demonstrated by Bruno Rocha creates his own constraints warning monitoring by swizzling in Swift. This technique allowed him to catch constraint warnings and track them in tools like Firebase.
Speech recognition being available through Apple’s APIs is simply incredible to me. In the days with iOS 4, we didn’t even have collection views, let alone a built-in framework for recognizing speech. Kamil Tustanowski explains to use how you can use this API.


The Best-in-Class I did a giveaway on earlier is reaching the $100,000 sales milestone. An outstanding achievement by Jordan Morgan, at which he found time to look back on his journey. What marketing tactics worked? How does it feel to be Indie, fully focused on writing?
Greg Gardner shares his learnings from spending the whole summer (and more after the SharePlay delay) working out a SharePlay Guessing Game. If you’re interested in how SharePlay works, you’re going to like this article.


Is your company hiring too? Post your job position for free at SwiftLee Jobs and reach thousands of developers.
For our Chat SDK team, we are seeking an iOS SDK Developer to work on our native iOS SDK libraries. You will write and maintain our open-source SDKs that are...
TL;DR Build for macOS, iOS and iPadOS in SwiftUI. Salary £80k in salary and stock options + 0.25% equity in stock options Get good perks and work from a dope...
Work with Swift, SwiftUI, and Combine in a project that’s fully written in Swift. A modular foundation built with Swift Package Manager makes it a great project to work in.