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Issue 95
Dec 28, 2021

Did you know Result Builders only arrived this year?

Sometimes, it's hard to understand what a full year brought to us. I've been looking back this week and realized how big of a year it has been. 

The release of Xcode Cloud and the new Concurrency framework are two of my highlights. Both have a significant impact on how we develop apps today.

In a way, it's also exciting to think of what the future will bring. Both Xcode Cloud and async/await have been on my wishlist for the past few years. Though, now that they arrived, I don't have a big wish ready for 2022 anymore!

Yet, there's a lot to come. New sponsors are already lined up, and the January and February giveaways are waiting to be released to you.

Thanks a lot for reading my newsletter, articles, and tweets this year. It's been a massive year in terms of traffic and reach, which makes me incredibly motivated to deliver you even more valuable content in 2022.

Happy New Year!


Another year is reaching its end! 2021 has been a big year for us Swift Developers, in which we got some great gifts from Apple! Of course, async/await has been one of them, but what about smaller but still big improvements like Result Builders? Let's have a look at what 2021 brought us!


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A great list of valuable resources by Steve Troughton-Smith if you’re working on a Mac Catalyst application. All examples are available on GitHub and ready for you to try out.
I did not know about this debugging option, but it sure looks great! Steve Troughton-Smith shares with us how it looks in action.
I bet we've all been writing these if statements in our code. A new PR introduces a new shorthand if statement that removes redundant code and improves readability.
The new Concurrency changes are significant, but they also introduce new problems to solve. John Sundell takes one of them and explains how you can create an asynchronous SwiftUI button that will keep track of state until your async job finishes.
Although I’m not a Vim user, I bet some of you are. Chris Wu is here to share his tips on using Vim through several short videos. That’s right, even though the title makes it sound like there’s only one tip in this article: there are more!
Ever since Bas Broek joined our team at WeTransfer, our apps have improved a lot in terms of accessibility. I’m always impressed by his knowledge in this regard, so it’s great to see Bas writing an article covering VoiceOver.
How about developing Swift packages outside of Xcode? You can now do that with this initial release of the VSCode Swift extension.


I enjoyed reading this article by Pol Piella, which can be an inspiration if you plan to build your blog. I’m a happy WordPress user, but if you’re looking for something else, this might be a good read.


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