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WWDC 2021 Events, Parties, and Panels you don’t want to miss

WWDC 2021 is around the corner and will bring a ton of (home)work for all of us. A new Xcode, new APIs, SwiftUI improvements, and likely a lot more things we can’t predict. WWDC is often called “Christmas for iOS Engineers” as you can see all these new announcements as little big presents.

After an online WWDC 2020, we’ll have another WWDC this year, which is not in-person. This means we’ll miss out on many networking events that would normally happen in San Jose. However, many remote events are organized in the community, which I’m about to share with you in this article. If you’re reading this as an event host, feel free to reach out, and I’ll add your event too.

Check out The road to WWDC2021: Expectations of Antoine van der Lee to see what I think WWDC brings this year!

WWDC Community

After organizing a WWDC 2020 Watch Party last year, WWDC Community is back with even more activities this year. Events include:

  • Keynote Watch Party
  • Group Get-Togethers
  • Career, Helps, and Mentorship Labs
  • Community Hackathon

And that’s not all!

During the week, several panels will be hosted in which engineers from the community tell their WWDC 2021 story. Which highlights do they have? Which APIs are they going to play with as soon as possible?

I’ll be joining Jordi Bruin on Monday, right after the keynote, for a live session to discuss all announcements.

Fireside Swift Twitter Space

On the 8th of June, 3 pm ET, you can join Fireside Swift for a Twitter Space with a super special guest. It will be an open conversation that can be fun to join to ask your questions. Who knows, maybe it’s an exceptional guest that allows you to get some insight information from WWDC 2021!

WWDC by Sundell & Friends

John Sundell and his friends will be back this year. Based on last year, I’m pretty sure we can expect quality content throughout the week. This year’s site launches officially on Friday the 4th, and John told me:

WWDC by Sundell & Friends is returning on the 4th of June, and will feature highly technical coverage of WWDC21 and its announcements. You’ll get first impressions of the new APIs, analysis, and guest articles from some of my friends from the Apple developer community.

Check out and you might also want to subscribe on the RSS Feed.

Diversity in Swift

Throughout the week of WWDC 2021, several events are hosted by Diversity in Swift. Each event is focused on further elevating diverse voices within the Swift Community. Events include:

  • Women in Swift Meetup
  • Black in Swift Meetup
  • Pride in Swift Meetup

And more! Check out this page for all events.

Watching the Keynote and debriefing, Live!

Vincent Pradeilles invites you over to watch the Keynote and debriefing together, live! Vincent has been on top of things lately, with several videos covering topics like async/await. I bet it will be interesting to hear what he thinks about all announcements from WWDC 2021. My personal little birdie told me he invited quite some members from the community to discuss the highlights, so I’m pretty sure you’ll want to follow him throughout the week!

WWDC ’21 Remote Happy Hour

Provided by NSScreencast, this event allows for up to 100 people to hang out together and discuss all announcements after Wednesday’s sessions end. You can get yourself a ticket here.

LIVE near WWDC 2021

There’s only one way to end this list: LIVE near WWDC 2021 together with James Dempsey. Since WWDC 2001 (!!), James performed a live session at the end of a WWDC week in which he highlights announcements in a song written by himself. It’s both a great and fun way to end an exhausting week. Please sit down, listen, and realize what a week it has been!


WWDC 2021 will be full of announcements, surprises, events, and fun. Hopefully, with all the events listed above, you’ll be able to hang out with engineers from the community to discuss all the highlights and make new friends. Don’t forget next week will only be the beginning! Weeks after WWDC, you’ll still be learning new things, watching sessions, and reading articles that go in-depth on specific topics.

Enjoy WWDC 2021 and make sure you share me your highlights!

This post will be updated throughout the week once new events are announced.


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