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Issue 132
Sep 13, 2022

How unchanged conditions change during a holiday.

I'm writing this intro the day after I returned from a holiday in France with family and friends. We've had an amazing time visiting places like Vitré, Mont Saint-Michel, and Rennes. I'll be honest: while it was great to be away for two weeks, I also missed coding and working on apps!

It might be hard to leave work behind completely to take time off and relax. However, it's a great way to appreciate things in life you might take for granted. I started to appreciate unchanged conditions much more and arrived home with loads of energy.

I didn't touch Xcode at all during my holiday (or maybe just a single hour to submit a build for iOS 16, ha!). Two weeks later, I'm super excited to get back to WeTransfer and open Xcode to get back to work. I'm also thrilled to start working on RocketSim 9.0 in the remaining months of 2022 to find out how I can make your developer experience even better.

Altogether I'm happy to say I'm back! I want to give a big shoutout to Daniel, who helped me by writing two accessibility-focused articles during my holiday.
Extra attention goes to this iOS Architect Crash Course as well since I made a mistake in my advertisement scheduling, leading to less visibility. Make sure not to miss out on this free online event!

Now, back to business. Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


While working on widgets for my latest iOS 16 Stock Analyzer release, I ran into issues supporting a different set of widgets for a specific OS version. Using control flow statements inside a WidgetBundle isn't straightforward, but I found a way to solve this nicely using the static methods of the @WidgetBundleBuilder result builder.


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The official release of Xcode 14 marks the official release of Swift 5.7. Holly Borla gives you an overview of all the changes that come with this significant Swift update, including related proposals.
A must-read article by Arnaud Joubay if you’re working on App Shortcuts with App Intents in a localized app.
Donny Wals ran into a weird issue using what seems like a typical SwiftUI view configuration. You might want to check out this article if you’ve seen an unexpected purple warning in Xcode 14.
At first, I thought I wouldn’t have to read this article by Marco Eidinger ‍ since the ArgumentParser framework takes care of generating a help option. Though, there’s a reason to still generate ‘man’ pages which will be answered inside the article.
An excellent new library created by Marin Todorov to encode types into a readable markdown table. While I’m unsure whether I would have a production need for this anytime soon, I see value in adding this to my debugging options since markdown tables are much easier to read.


New devices mean having to consider whether there are new resolutions for us to be aware of. Keith Harrison takes us through the latest models and tells us about new resolutions and metrics.
If you haven’t explored the iOS 16 new width styles, I encourage you to read through this article from Sarun W. You’ll get a quick overview of what’s new and how these new fonts look.