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Issue 169
May 30, 2023

The success of side-projects: leaving with a bang.

If there's one thing that helps me succeed in side projects like RocketSim, it must be the way I stop working on it. I always try to stop just before an exciting new development challenge.

Compared to stopping in the middle of a difficult challenge you're unable to solve, I'm much more willing to get back into it if I know it will be something fun to build. Yesterday, I stopped just before deploying my first Swift on the Server backend. Even though I was excited to do it right away, I'm now extra excited to get back into it and make it a success, likely having time to make even more progress with a fresh evening.

One important note to add: knowing where you left off is essential. Add comments, or note yourself: "You were about to deploy to Heroku using the following instructions: ...". You'll be up and running quicker, back into context to make yourself more efficient.

Keen to get more tips like this? Read my article Side Projects: 10 Tips for being successful.

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Over the last weeks, I've worked on a new licensing backend for Gumroad to allow license holders to manage their devices. I used Swift on Server combined with Vapor and created a generic layer to reuse model and endpoint definitions. This week's article will share the code and explains the importance of setting up contracts between the backend and the client.


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Judo is the developer’s design tool with a user experience that is immediately familiar to anyone with SwiftUI experience. Before jumping into Xcode, take advantage of what a visual canvas has to offer—rapid iteration and creativity. Experiment with layout, sizing and color while Judo writes clean, production-ready SwiftUI code for you—then copy, paste and ship it.



Based on an amazing WWDC Advanced Debugging with Xcode and LLDB session, Rizwan Ahmed explains how you can benefit from using Watchpoints (this is not a typo) in Xcode.

LLDB and breakpoints are more powerful than many of us realize. Marco Eidinger is here to demonstrate a few examples.

If your desktop is full of Simulator screenshot captures, you’ll enjoy this app. Hopefully, Aryaman Sharda adds cleanup support for RocketSim screenshots soon!


Paul Hudson’s repository is updated with a list of online and in-person WWDC 2023 events. I’ll join quite a few of them in person and even participate in a panel discussion.

Can’t wait to get started with WWDC 2023? This quiz by Jordan Morgan might come in handy to get into the mood right now. Oh, and if you’re in San Jose next week, you might be able to join this in-person Dub Dub Pubquiz.


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