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Issue 168
May 23, 2023

Get inspired by the finalists!

Apple just announced the Apple Design Award Finalists. The winners will be revealed during WWDC23, but you can already start getting inspired by all the finalists.

Apart from being an opportunity to discover great apps, you can learn a ton as a fellow app developer. All finalists impressed Apple's curation team enough to get nominated, so they're likely innovative, best-in-class apps.

I'm sure many of the nominees are happy with this announcement, not only because it's such an honor! Last year, one of my friends had to keep his mouth shut until Apple announced his app as one of 2022's nominees.

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In over ten years of development, Apple featured several of my apps in the App Store. I've learned several tips and tricks to increase my chances of getting featured, which I'd love to share today.


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Waldo automates the capture of quality debugging information for iOS developers during the QA process, so you don’t have to rely on a vague bug report to address issues in your build. Try it today!



With WWDC around the corner, availability APIs might come in handy when adding support for iOS 17. Majid Jabrayilov tells us all about them.

Refactoring your structs into enums can be helpful and is demonstrated by Vincent Pradeilles in both this article and the associated video.

Lee Kah Seng demonstrates Apple’s recommendations aren’t always working as expected for all cases. If you’re working with PHPickerViewController in your app, you want to read this.


SwiftUI and macOS aren’t always best friends. When using a custom NSWindowDelegate for an NSWindow in your SwiftUI app, you can run into memory leaks. The good news: it’s fixable.

Matthaus Woolard demonstrates how they used the Layout protocol in SwiftUI for a challenging feature in one of their apps. Flexible positioning using explicit coordinates might come in handy!


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