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Issue 167
May 16, 2023

The mental part of stress.

I'm writing this edition of SwiftLee Weekly on the Airport of Crete, Greece. We're just informed about a 2-hour delay, meaning we must keep up our mood a little longer.

Stress is always waiting around the corner when you try to catch a flight. However, it's truly a mental game. We arrived early enough, there was no reason to rush, hurry, or get stressed, but there was still a feeling of tension.

The same can happen during work hours. You plan your day, expecting to finish a specific task, but you're suddenly asked to do many other things. You might get a stressful day if you retain the idea of finishing the planned task. Instead: try to stay realistic and evaluate circumstances. Replanning your day will prevent stress and makes you end up feeling productive.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


Swift offers different kinds of ranges, like closed and half-open ones. A common way of using them is by selecting a specific range of elements from an array or String. The latter, however, requires a bit more code to ensure you're selecting the expected substring.


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I did not know about these view modifiers! I’ve been using NSOpenPanel all the time and might be up for a refactor now that I’ve read this article by Majid Jabrayilov.

Related to Majid’s article on selecting files, this article by Keith Harrison might be helpful. Security-scoped files require a different way of accessing them.

It’s always helpful to learn from others encountering unexpected behavior. This time, it’s Jordan Morgan sharing his learnings from creating a Swift Package.

While you might only use #file in a few places, it’s good to know its behavior has changed in Swift 5.8. Sarun tells you all about it.


Parallax effects always add an extra touch to your app’s design. Artur Gruchala demonstrates the effect and shares SwiftUI code examples for you to use.

It’s all in the details! Especially when your app’s main functionality has to do with interactions. Any delay can make your app feel less responsive. Christian Selig demonstrates a better alternative to UIPanGestureRecognizer.


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