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Issue 166
May 09, 2023

The beauty of automation.

You're receiving this email while I'm enjoying a holiday with my family in Greece. It's automation that allows me to prepare this newsletter in advance and make it be sent automatically today.

What I can't predict or automate is curating recent articles. Therefore, you'll be enjoying a special edition of SwiftLee Weekly, in which I'll share my favorite podcasts instead. 

Podcasts are a great way to get inspired and learn while walking the dog or doing sports. I often listen to the ones listed in this issue, so check them out if you have yet to know them.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


What I have been able to prepare is a new article for you to read. This time, we're looking at integrating Universal Links. I explain the difference with deeplinks and how you can best test them in the Simulator.


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A podcast about life and technology from two developers’ perspectives. John Sundell and Gui Rambo cover topics like Swift, Mac, Apps, and anything Apple.

Charlie Chapman invites App Developers to discuss their experiences creating and marketing apps. If only, I recommend listening to Episodes 57 and 60 that share stories from my Indie Dev friends in The Netherlands.


Steve P. Young covers various topics related to App Marketing, anything to drive more downloads for your mobile app. This is a great podcast if you’re looking to scale up the reach of your app(s).

David Barnard and Jacob Eiting invite experts behind the biggest apps to unlock insights, strategies, and background stories. I can’t count how often I’ve been inspired by the incredible journeys shared in this podcast.

Over a hundred episodes with unique guests, covering topics like App Store Optimization, marketing, and boosting app engagement. Business of Apps covers it all.


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