Issue 65
Jun 01, 2021

It's all about WWDC!

What's more fun than WWDC if you can't pick WWDC? Preparing and getting ready for WWDC!

Not many of you are taking days off next week, which sounds to me that many companies allow employees to watch and learn from sessions during working hours.

Preparing also means predicting, and many bloggers started sharing their predictions. I joined Vincent to share my predictions, from which I mostly hope to see further improvements into Xcode and its stability.

This week's newsletter links to many articles, events, and panels related to WWDC. Please go check them out and start having fun with our little week of Christmas gifts from Apple. Don't get overwhelmed; next week will just be the start! There are weeks to come in which you can digest all announcements.

Enjoy this week's SwiftLee Weekly!


WWDC 2021 is around the corner and will bring us many new tools, APIs, and features to work with. It will be a busy week for sure, with lots of events, panels, and parties. Time to list most of them to fill your calendar!


It’s funny how complicated some things are and how simple things can be like this little trick to use images in a SwiftUI TabView.


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I’m pretty sure I’ll link to more articles covering async/await in the upcoming weeks, but in my opinion, there’s so much ground to cover that it's worth reading many articles too. This time, it’s Robert Pieta explaining to you what changes we can expect in Swift regarding async/await.
An interesting article grabbed my attention this week. Building collaborative notes is a challenging task, especially when dealing with conflicts due to simultaneous edits. Arthur Van Siclen explains how he solved this challenge.
That’s right; Swift 5.5 isn’t here yet! Though, Paul Hudson decided to make an overview for us already. It might be good to read through this as it will give you a good preparation for all things coming at WWDC this year!


Next week will be crazy with all sessions, announcements, and new APIs you want to try out. Donny Wals helps you prepare yourself to get the most out of this important week for us Swift engineers.


Last year’s edition of Nsspain 2020: Remote Edition contained lots of great talks. It included my own talk covering Best Practices in Core Data. I can promise you my video editing is worth watching, at least the intro!


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