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Mastering the assistant editor in Xcode 11

Xcode 11 was introduced during WWDC 2019 and contained improvements in the way the assistant editor works. If you're using a second editor a lot it can be quite frustrating at first when you try to use the same workflow in Xcode 11 when files are opened in the left ...

Xcode refactoring options explained with examples

A brand new Xcode refactoring engine was introduced in Xcode 9. Although this is quite a few Xcode versions ago it is still a quite unknown functionality for a lot of us. You might have read my blog post on command-click options but do you know how to extract methods ...

UIKeyCommand how-to add keyboard shortcuts & speed up your workflow

The UIKeyCommand class allows you to add keyboard shortcuts to your app. Although they might seem useful for iPad only, there are reasons to add this to your iPhone app as well. They're easy to set up and they work in the simulator! After I wrote Shortcuts essentials in Xcode ...

Speeding up development: a collection of tips

Speeding up development to increase productivity can bring you a lot. You'll work more efficient, deliver faster, and you'll feel better. Speeding up as an iOS developer was the talk title of my presentations I gave at Swift Heroes, GDG Coimbra, and CocoaHeads NL. To summarize my talk, an overview of one of ...

Cheat sheet examples for Xcode and Swift development

A cheat sheet can be a handy tool to quickly reference Xcode, Swift or iOS logic from a compact overview. Ideally, you can print them out and lay them down on your desk. This makes it really easy to access and use them often. Therefore, I'll show you a few ...

Shortcuts essentials in Xcode to speed up your workflow

Making use of essential shortcuts in Xcode can speed up development and keep you in your flow. Xcode allows you to customise a lot, but most of the shortcuts are easy to adopt by default without custom settings. Run without building Sometimes during development, it can be useful to run ...

Effective development by improving the daily routine as a developer

Effective development can be achieved by learning more skills, but also by improving the daily routine for you as a developer. Creating consistency in your daily flow will bring efficiency and higher productivity. Close your mail app for example at 10 AM and see what it does. Do you really ...

Using Xcode custom file templates with GIT

Xcode custom file templates are a great way to develop just a bit faster and enable you to define a base template with all repetitive work included. Combining it with GIT enables you to share these files in your team and let them benefit as well. Creating a GIT repository ...

Useful less known Xcode tips to improve your workflow

Xcode is the main IDE for developing software for macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. It contains a lot of well-known features like Open Quickly (⇧ + ⌘ + O), the assistant editor and handy shortcuts like ⌘ + U to run tests quickly. Some other features are less known but ...

Fixing crashes with Firebase Crashlytics

Using Firebase Crashlytics can help you to solve your crashes faster. In this example we're going to dive into a crash happening in the WeTransfer iOS app I'm personally working for. Diving into the details When a crash appears on your dashboard, first look at the stats (see the image ...